Help for Accountants and Advisers

It is easy to use Super LX’s service to assist your clients when they want to apply for a LRBA for their super fund.

If your clients do not have their own login to access their BGL360 account, you can still pre-populate their application using your BGL360 Adviser or Accountant Level access. Simply start the application using your client’s email address and then press the “Access your fund data from BGL” button. You can then use your adviser/ accountant login, and you will see your client list at this stage. You then select the relevant client’s fund. We do not see your BGL credentials, and we only receive data from the BGL interface for the account you select.

Once the data has been downloaded, you can continue to fill out the form for your client under their instruction, or they can create a password and continue the application themselves at their convenience – their fund data will be retained.

They can set or reset their password at this link. Their username is the email address entered at the first step in the process.

We are always happy to work closely with advisers and with the appropriate permission from your client we can keep you across the progress of their loan application and settlement.  Email us on [email protected] or call us on 02 9004 1828 and we will assist you as soon as possible.

We also welcome the opportunity to provide you with more information about the SuperLX process and to present a demonstration of the end-to-end process, including the option to use our legal partner, Conveyancing Bureau, to establish a bare trust or to undertake the conveyancing of the proposed purchase. Please email our Business Development Manager for further details [email protected]